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3 min readFeb 13, 2021


Valentine Kor!

You know how everyone around you is talking about something but you can’t relate? I mean, this whole talk about Valentine’s day celebration. 🙄

Omo, I thought valentine’s day was a day to show love – why did you all limit it to amorous love alone? You people are not even putting parents, pastors, clerics, mentors, bosses etc. into this plan (na so so man/woman, ndi LOML, Bae, Boo, and every other acronym etc…) 😒

Should single people kill themselves? 🤷🏽‍♀️

Wo, that’s you people’s problem and that’s not really why we are here.

So, me ehn, when I meet a guy I’m attracted too (physically, sexually, and mentally), one of the first things I usually want to know is his genotype. 🙊

While I may be good at playing the hard girl who doesn’t care about love etcetera, deep down, I am actually a helpless and totally hopeless romantic. My falling is like the walls of Jericho! 😂😂😂

But, if you ask me how I’ve faired with my choice of men, I’d probably start laughing hysterically because every damn time, I have gone ahead to choose the ones with the incompatible genotype.

Actually, not “every” time but one of the other times I happened to find some AA guy, religion and family said no! The other times, I found out being AA had no power over the selfishness, psychopathy, and sociopathy that was flowing in the blood.

Wahala be like what?! 🤦🏽‍♀️

Crazy as I am, I have even been head over heels in love with an SS before, honestly, na ment! I wanted him so bad, I fasted for days (for the genotype to change of course) LMAO!

These days, I ask myself if there’s actually a guy out there that I would be genuinely interested in who would dig me right back and be a carrier of the AA genotype (I still dey find ooo).

Before we continue, at this stage ehn, the things that used to interest me as a teenager no longer do. Talk about wanting to be with someone who could pay my bills and take care of me etc etc. LEE MIN HOW?! Omoooooo! (pardon the number of omooo you will read in this post),

But, it doesn’t work that way with me again. Now, having a shit ton of money that I worked for appeals better to me. Money makes me feel sexy (looking forward to being super sexy mehn!).

And, of course, when the issue of money is out of the way, other things fall in place naturally (in most cases).

Before I actually forget, last year, someone I was liking mentioned that his spec must be earning at least half a million naira per month (that one off me abeg). In no time, I perished the entire feeling because omooo – that’s how star do! What did we carry, what are you throwing? 500k – it’s not impossible, I’m not there yet ni.

So, I was meant to launch my podcast two (2) weeks ago – before things went south with that plan – and one of the first topics we were to discuss was Our Ideal Spec. Omoo, while I’ve evolved in my thoughts and desires, some things have remained unchanged, like height, sense, sense of humor, AA genes (of course), etc etc. Let me not even lie, man must be fine as well.

But as it is right now, you people can continue making noise about valentine, paint the town red tomorrow, knock yourselves out if you will, I shan’t be spending Valentine 2021 with any’boo’dy. And, I will not die!

However, I wish to someday write a very romantic How It Started Vs How It’s Going post but till then, Valentine kor!



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