The Most Ridiculous Thing I Made My Pregnant Friend Do

Pregnant women are one hell of a character. I said character because when you stay so long around them, you start to ask yourself if it’s all just a movie. Believe me, some pregnancy journeys would make real good script.

So, I'm about to be a godmother, I've been looking forward to it for months now and one of the perks of being in close proximity to the mother of my unborn godchild is that I get to see, hear and experience a lot of awkward and sometimes interesting stuff.

A lot of people know that pregnant women increased in weight, grow obvious bumps and have a desire for the consumption of awkward food types/combinations popularly known as cravings.

Well, it's been over five months of walking through this phase with my homegirl and I've seen way beyond the cravings. For lack of a better way to put it, I'm just going to say, I've experienced laughter, tears, and goosebumps and just like the Fireboy Album, there have been tracks I didn't like. I've had "can we just skip this" moments and Lord knows I've really had no choice than to just be a strong, mature and most importantly responsible young woman at all cost.

But, I'm not writing about the things pregnant people make you do (because if you ask me...) I just want to tell you about what might pass as the most ridiculous thing I've made my pregnant friend do (please, insert laughter emojis).

So, asides the recently frequent jumping of queues and other little little favors that come in the "PREGNANCY PERKS PACK" - which I have been looking forward to since forever - I got my friend to do me a favor today and when I got back home, I couldn't stop thinking about it.

About pregnancy perks though, my girl's bump refused to show for a long time and for a long time she was could l pass for a regular girl who's not taking fitness serious and roaming about with a "pot belly" (meanwhile, that's a good description of me). So, when this bump finally pops into everyone's view, things became a bit more fun as we could join a queue and just have someone give up their seat for the "preggy lady."

Now, to my gist, homegirl and I were to go out together recently and just before I left home, I had a visitor (the monthly one) and because I didn’t sleep at home the night before, I was miles away from the safety of my sanitary pads. I couldn’t step out to get one and I was literally just helpless, so I told her over the phone to help me grab a pack of sanitary pad on her way.

Hours after we had returned from our outing, my mind started painting images of a pregnant woman asking for sanitary pads. I don't know about you, but I could imagine the face of the attendant as she repeated the statement (for the sake of clarity) before attending to her. I think it must have been ridiculous. Picture a pregnant woman placing sanitary pads in front of a cashier (another laughter emoji, please).

Well, pregnant women go through ridiculous moments and folks around them always get their fair share of awkward moments and happenings.

On the flip side though, tell me, have you ever made a pregnant woman do something ridiculous, if yes, what was it?



Name-maniac. Cake addict. Helpless Romantic. Chocolate lover. Wannabe polyglot. Aspiring traveler. Storyteller.

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Bliss Akinyemi

Bliss Akinyemi

Name-maniac. Cake addict. Helpless Romantic. Chocolate lover. Wannabe polyglot. Aspiring traveler. Storyteller.

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