Peace is Underrated!

Bliss Akinyemi
4 min readDec 31, 2021

Hey, fam! Happy Last Day of 2021!

It’s been an interesting year and the last three hundred and sixty-something days have proven to me all over again that life is indeed a miracle.

Over the last few days, I have been opportune to be the messenger of gratitude to a handful of people and if there’s anything that stood out (and was common) among all the messages I delivered, it is the fact that we all need somebody.

As a result, I think it’s safe to say that we all need each other but we need some people more than others. And, this shouldn’t actually be a big deal if we focus on channeling our energy in the right directions.

So, my male bestie recently proposed to the love of his life and I was super thrilled because, for the first time in the history of congratulating people on their engagements, I wasn’t an outsider, I was relevant in the picture.

In case you missed my point there, I’m just trying to say that, it felt good to belong in the innermost circle. I was one of the first set of people to see the ring before the whole surprise planning began.

That moment was special and I don’t think everyone gets to experience or share in such moments with loved ones but we have to love our lives regardless and be at peace with what we have.

This month’s post is not about my bestie but trust me to attempt to beat about the bush. LOL

Stay with me, please.

I’m dedicating this last post of the year to the best gift I received this year — my lover.

To those who follow my WhatsApp stories, he’s my Yummy Bar of Chocolate (YBoC) but to me, he’s much more.

Before I proceed to bore you (or not) with my eulogy, let me remind you that love is a beautiful thing.

Like a scene from a movie, we met in the strangest of ways and after calling each other “Stranger” for a couple of weeks, I knew I was ready to say goodbye to being single and I haven’t missed singlehood that much since then.

What makes my love story extremely beautiful is the fact that I have something to compare it with and as I keep placing them side by side, I can only conclude that I am blessed and nothing was actually lost.

To be honest, I am the craziest person that I know and I sometimes wonder how anybody else would cope with my excesses — my friends can testify that as long as it’s in-house, I don’t have sense. Oh, dear! My man’s been through some of the craziest moments with me in the last six months of being an item.

I think the craziest part of this post will have to be me admitting that I used to think ‘’the one for me would be a writer (or someone in the creative space) like myself. Oh boy, far from a writer is what I got but I’d choose him over and over again.

Meghan Trainor’s ‘Like I’m Gonna Lose You’ is playing as I type and it just makes me further reflect on how far we’ve come.

Initially, my baby said he just wanted to open his eyes and see that six months have passed but we eventually resolved to take each day as it comes and savor all the moments we’d never get back. And, as the days passed, we just wanted time to slow down.

Each new day came with its own unique memory and for a long time, it felt like an absolute fairytale even when we were miles apart.

One hundred and eighty-plus days later and I still look forward to his good morning voice notes, random emails, messages, and long-ass phone calls that the network never stops interrupting. I’ve been in relationships but none ever felt warm enough for me to make it my home but here, I don’t just have a home, I have a happy place.

Love is beautiful, fam.

And, peace? Oh! Peace is underrated.

Peace is why my inner child comes out to play every now and then because she knows she is loved regardless. Peace is also what makes me strive to maintain the energy in our ship.

If you’ve ever been confused in a relationship, I think there are two ways you can turn out. You can either appreciate clarity when it comes or live on the edge wondering what’s real or fake.

And, this is where I have to thank God for healing, for the wholeness that saved me from being robbed of my joy and laughter in this ship. I could be sad and pathetic and stone-hearted by now but look what I’d be missing.


I don’t want to change anything about this relationship although I used to wish we had met earlier. However, I now realize that the time we spent apart was necessary for the journey we were both to embark on. So, we meeuve.

People always have an opinion about everything and I am not alien to that fact.

“So, it’s just six months and she’s posting him all over the place, what if it ends?”

I wasn’t surprised when I first heard this because I had expected it earlier but I have to put this here, please, fam, drink sufficient water and mind your business.

Also, our experiences are different and they make us do things differently, so, leave me to my expressions of love.

Plus, I am also aware that deep down inside of you, you wish you had someone to moon over you and vice versa. So, here’s my unsolicited advice: be happy for others till it’s your turn and however you choose to do your thing, we will mind our business too.

If you’ve read so far, don’t forget to leave as many claps as you like behind, share the link with your friends and family and remember, you can leave me a message via if you need to talk to someone.

I wish you an amazing year 2022 and I look forward to doing this again with yáll.

P for Peace



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