Letter to Vingt-Cinq

Bliss Akinyemi
2 min readJul 8, 2020


Dear 25,

It’s our last day together and I just want to take this time out to appreciate you for being so sweet and amazing.

I never would have thought I would come to love you as much as I now do but it happened and I celebrate you for being there for me.

First of all, thanks for showing up. If you never came, I would not be typing this, so, thanks for coming and being so kind to me.

You did not just show up with kindness — you came with lessons, with humans, with relationships, and friendships that I would never forget, and of course, you came with some of the best memories of my life so far.

Dear 25, you were the year I called ‘intentional’, and even on days when I was far from being intentional about my life, you let me be, knowing that God was never for once unintentional about me. I know I said “you were” and I feel sad referring to you in the past tense, but such is life and it is what it is, in a couple of hours, you are indeed gonna be past tense.

25 — my age of responsibility.

You gave me some of the biggest responsibilities I have ever carried; you even made me a godmother. Thank you for the life lessons, I will remember to keep learning, unlearning and relearning, just as you have proven to me, that all “I know is not all there is to know”.

25, you gave me love — a love that was worth everything that I gave and received, you proved that I was not undeserving of attention, care, support, romance, and everything in between. You mesmerized me and blew my mind away.

On the issue of finance, you opened my eyes.

On friendships, you grounded me.

On forgiveness, you stretched me and showed me how much healing could come from “I’m sorry”.

On gratitude, you helped me.

On boundaries, you schooled me.

On relationships, you stood by me.

On spirituality, I yearned in you, and in you, I yielded.

25, you encouraged me to reason, to think, to let go of worry, and be all that I can be.

Thank you for coming to me, it was a pleasure and a great honor to have met you, and as I journey to vingt-six, I promise to do better, to make you proud.




Cc: Bliss

To: The girl, that grew up to be 25 and is soon turning 26

Message: My words for you are;


Soar baby, I love You.



Thanks for reading, I hope you said a prayer for me.

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