How Do You Say Tragedy?

Bliss Akinyemi
3 min readOct 31, 2021

This title is totally not related and may not be the best but you'd piece it together while you read.

Shall we begin?

Dear October,

Thank you for being such an amazing month.

Dear reader, if it’s your first time coming across this writer (me), do feel free to look around and enjoy the beautifully crafted content that I have put up here so far.

Speaking of content. I hope that you would agree with me that content creators deserve uncountable money in foreign currency? I’m sure you agree.

Wos wos wobi. If you are friends with or family member with anyone who creates or even curates great content, you are living with a god, just be worshipping them ooo.

That said, are you aware that out of the 365 days that make a year, we — you and I — have spent about errrmmm three hundred days inside of the year 2021.

Oh, dear!

It’s weird how time flies. Like! Be calming down nah!

But then, I don’t know if I’m sure about time calming down. C’est complique!

However, I think this is the chilliest ember months I’ve had since I could remember. The panic, the anxiety, the fear, and endless prayers about the ember months all seem to have vanished with the first wave of the pandemic — COVID-19, of course!

I also think the pandemic showed a lot of us that there are embers all year round and it could be anybody’s turn in a minute to burn out, burn up, or burn down! You get, some sort of tragedy sha.

After typing tragedy, I feel like I want to check the dictionary for its pronunciation. I say TRA-JE-DI but I feel some other persons could be saying TRA-JI-DI. Well, how do you say the damn word?!

About other people, I have learned more in these last few days that you have to accept that other people’s opinion counts too. Fam, it’s so easy to say you are open to different views and opinions of whatever the subject could be, but, have you ever heard an outright bullshit opinion??? Boy! I mean, those folks who clearly are shitting from the mouth when they claim to be having an opinion? Well, how you react when in situations like that is what makes whatever hypothesis you have in your head valid.

You feel me? Tori many are mad o….

Speaking of Mad, Boy, I laughed so hard in October, so much so that I’d occasionally tell myself to stoppit before I’m bundled to the left side of Yaba.

Still in all, I bless the name of the Lord Almighty for all the beautiful things October made happen.

First, I saw my mother again after 2+ years of not visiting home or seeing her. Her parents — my grandparents — were also happy to see me again.

Omo, I’m not going to lie, na who love me go follow me go that side on top say I wan marry tori, home is where the road is far and the journey is long, the roads are bad but the memories are sweet. However, home is also where my history lies. A quick look at my mother tells you I’m her child and in my grandfather’s eyes, you’d see the thread from which I was cut.

While at home, I sat with my grandfather, and somewhere in the middle of our conversation, I asked him how he met my grandmother. Hmmm.

Ewoooo… Love is a beautiful thing, but I know you’ve heard that before.

After listening to the detailed story of how my grandparents met, I sat there on a bench in the dark moonless night and imagined what it would feel like to be blessed to answer the same question from my grandbabies too.

Dear God, please. Amen. Thank you.

October was also packed with birthdays and as a birthday freak, see me see turn up!

Oh, my baby sister completed her teaching practice this month too and I am about to be godmother one more time again. Eweyyyyyyyy!!! Who has the audacity to say it is not plentiful?

Well, I’m sleepy as I type this but I have to say I’m grateful that as a believer of Christ, there is no condemnation for me.


Dear October,

Thank you for the million little miracles.

Please, leave a clap(or more) behind.




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