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Drink Water and Mind Your Business

Yesskeh! You read that right!

It’s legit the end of November! Just like that! Wa-freaking-wu!

Wait a second! How are you feeling right now though? Send me an email at if you want to talk, hun.

So, December starts tomorrow and it is officially Christmas in some days and countdown to 2022.

Well, I feel alright! I already told y'all how much I love Christmas so, I certainly can't wait!

As for this month's post, we'd talk about water.

If you're not a day old on the internet, I believe you must have come across the phrase "drink water and mind your business". Please do.

By the way, I'm not sure if your take away from this post will be to drink more water or to avoid spilling water but the ball will and already is in your court as you read this.

The first time I spilled water all over the house was in 2019. Actually, 'spill' is an understatement - I legit flooded the house.

How, yeah? I know, but you have to understand that it wasn't intentional though it could have been avoided.

And, here’s what happened. I was staying at an uncle’s place (because I paid for an apartment and couldn’t move in for five months) and I left the kitchen tap on. Unfortunately, there was a plate in the sink. You gerrit?

It wasn't the first time I'd be leaving the tap on (these things happen) but because the sink hole was covered, the sink got full and started running over - just like the Bible says of our cup, you know that Psalm, yeah?

The water not only flooded the kitchen it took over one of the rooms and guess what? I was not home by the time my folks discovered.

Haven’t we all made a big mess that someone else had to clean before? I’m not alone, yeah? I guessed so.

When my uncle returned, he was shocked. Not because the rugs were soaked and all, but because he has checked my WhatsApp status and there was no mention of the havoc I had wrecked.

"you only show post your good side, yeah?" was all he asked afterwards and it got me thinking. Event, I concluded I was going to try as much as possible to never portray myself as a perfect doesn't-make-mistakes upcoming celebrity. LMAO!

Some thing else happened last night that reminded me of this incident.

I spilled water again.

It wasn't a lot of water but it was dangerous (insert the tiktok sound). And, there's a back story.

So, I used to be pretty shocked and confused when I hear people talk about using apps to remind themselves to drink water or buying water bottles to monitor their intake. Like how?

How nah?

I didn't know that was a thing some people struggled with because I drink water a lot. But, I have my own struggle, I hardly finish a sachet of water at a time although I might end up drinking ten per day and, I almost always spill the rest of the water before I can get back to it.

So, I came up with a solution. The plan was to have two empty cups handy (one in the kitchen and one in the room) for whenever I had leftover water and it worked.

The few times that I have been too lazy to do the needful, it ended in tears like yesterday.

I left the water by the bedside and soon there was a puddle - by the extension box. My phone and laptop chargers were in water and although I had a deadline, I could not afford to charge overnight.

It was not intentional but it could have been avoided.

So, what have you learned here?

Is it to not leave the taps open or to stop pretending to be perfect for the gram? Or, do you need to drink more water? Or, you need to always put already torn sachets of water asides?

I told you earlier, the ball will be in your court cause even I do not know the moral of this month's post.

Till after Christmas, Merry Christmas in advance!


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