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3 min readJun 30, 2021


For those of you who have no idea of what I’m doing or why I’m doing it, I will tell you.

By the way, I was referring to writing on Medium every month and bullying people into reading my piece. So, if you thought for a minute that I was referring to something else, OYO lo wa o.

Okay! Let me get to it.

I chose Medium as my medium (osheyyy… rhymes!) for sharing my non-fiction pieces with the world (my world) because I want to be in control of the narrative of my life. And, that’s on periodt!

Whenever I’m not writing fiction, I’m ghostwriting blog posts and brand stories at some naira per word count rate that I am already tired of. So, yeah! This medium thing is writing that doesn’t pay me but pays me, sho get?

Anyways, one would have thought that this Month’s post will be easy to put out, since it’s less than 2 weeks to my birthday and I wrote Letter to Vinq-Cinq last year. The easy guess is to expect another farewell letter, isn’t it?

Well, I almost changed my mind but las las, this might just turn into a short farewell speech — or, gist!

First, let me talk about my 26th year.

Trust me, I beat myself up more than I remember to be grateful to God for keeping me all along, why? Because, I am not 100% pleased with myself — my journey.

When folks say “you’re doing well” and “I’m proud of you” I just look at them and be like, “sorry! Who?”

But, I gotta tell y’all the truth that I keep refusing to admit, omooo! I dey try, at least, looking back at where my life used to be, man! I’ve come a long way.

In case you don’t already know, I turn 27 in nine days and I get to launch my podcast “BeforeNow Podcast” on my 27th birthday i.e July 9th. Fam, the podcast is available on most streaming platforms and I’d really love you to show some love.

Errmmm…Now that I have squeezed in an Ad right there in plain sight, let me say my goodbye to year 26.

Dear 26,

Thanks for starting on a high note, dropping the momentum, and then picking it up like it never dropped. Thank you for allowing me to travel to beautiful places and meet amazing humans.

26, thanks for all the choices I made; the good, the bad, the ugly! Thanks for the lessons I learned in the process as well.

Thanks for bringing me some of the good things in life and reassuring me that the future is bright. 26, thanks for putting an end to my “God when?” days…sshhhhh!

Even though I don’t own bastard money or a big behind as desired, nor do I own a sculpted body and pictures from all around the world, I’m also not married as I envisage when I was a teenager. At the end of the day, I love how my life’s gradually coming together. Thank you, 26!

There’s so much I want to write about, but I don’t think I want to do so right now.

But trust me, I’d give it to y’all back to back in the nearest future.

So, fam! If you’ve read up to this point, don’t be disappointed. I have a shit ton of gist for y’all and I’d roll them out one after the other in due time.

Till then, know that I love you and of course, wish me a happy birthday all through July.

Fam, I hate surprises, so if you’re planning anything for my birthday, kindly give me the heads up (even though that won’t be a surprise again sha).

You — you are the best. Thanks for reading me every damn time!

I love you again and again.


Ps. Just because there’s no gist here doesn’t mean you shouldn’t leave multiple claps behind.

Pss. If you look deeply, you’d actually realize that there’s a whole lot of gist here sha.

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